Rendering Engine Update 4

Since the last post, I've decided on a name for this project - Flex Engine! I basically decided on it because it sounded neat, it's short, and it's easy to remember. However, as other people have pointed out it's actually quite fitting to the project itself since both OpenGL and Vulkan are supported the engine… Continue reading Rendering Engine Update 4


Rendering Engine Update 3

I've been busy continuing work on my rendering engine when I've had time this summer, and added a few nice features. Around the start of the summer I stopped development of the Direct3D renderer, for a number of reasons. Mainly, having to write all graphics code not once, not twice, but thrice really slows down development.… Continue reading Rendering Engine Update 3

Rendering Engine Update 2 – OpenGL + Vulkan Feature Parity

I finally managed to coerce Vulkan to render multiple objects simultaneously! I've been super busy over the past few weeks working on other assignments, but I decided to devote the entirety of today to finishing up this feature. As odd as it may sound, rendering more than one object in Vulkan at the same time… Continue reading Rendering Engine Update 2 – OpenGL + Vulkan Feature Parity

Rendering Engine Update 1 – Project Creation

This semester for our Programming 4 class, we have two semester-long assignments. One is to create a classic DOS-inspired text adventure game, and the other is to create a small, high quality tech demo. I may post about the text adventure project at some point, but at the moment I'm much more interested in the… Continue reading Rendering Engine Update 1 – Project Creation